Pickett’s Is Extending Its Space With Pickett’s Upstairs

Swing by for Live Music: Nat Graumann Band on Friday and Mike Choi Band Saturday

Small Business Spotlight: Kasbo’s Market

Fancypants wisdom says the social season starts up in the fall, but around here, there’s no clear stop or start. Big and small, structured and spontaneous, fancy and casual, you name it – the party never ends. We’ve seen it at Pickett’s, with 12 months of sports banquets, PRIDE events, food trucks and live music, and a host of gatherings celebrating just about anything you can imagine.

Pickett’s has a score of spaces for your gatherings – inside and out – and we’re happy to share that our long-awaited second floor is finally complete. An extension of our main dining room, and our expansive outdoor space, Pickett’s Upstairs offers yet another setting for your gatherings.

Our Small Business Spotlight this week is Kasbo’s Market, founded by Benita Kasbo. Benita’s signature product is jibneh, an unripened cheese from her native Syria: nutty, salty and firm, with a texture similar to the better-known halloumi. In 2017, Benita became a translator for the Syrian refugee dinners that were being hosted locally and soon became inspired to start making some of the foods she grew up with. When she met Aaron, who was opening The Maplewood Wheelhouse in the General Store Cooperative, he agreed to carry her jibneh. It’s been selling out ever since.

With Kasbo’s Market, Benita hopes to tell the story of her country through its traditions and delicious flavors. She hopes to grow it into a true marketplace, with local seasonings like Aleppo Pepper, and other products the country is known for. In the meantime, try Benita’s jibneh with tomatoes and cucumber on a slice of good, crusty bread, or in goodbye-to-summer slices, with watermelon and cantaloupe. For a real taste of Syria, melt it on baguette with dried mint and Aleppo pepper. You can learn more about Benita and her story at www.kasbosmarket.com.

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