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Pickett's Village Bar Exterior

Pickett’s Village Bar to Open Early May in Maplewood

A top chef, well-trained crew and a slew of local owners, patrons and supporters will be on hand to greet the greater Maplewood community when Pickett’s Village Bar opens its doors to the public in early May.

The new bar and restaurant, headlined by chef Richard Krug, will be in friends-and-family-only previews in late April, with plans to open May 3. The former O’Reilly’s has been fully renovated, with a state-of-the-art kitchen and of-the-moment-yet-classic decor.

Krug, a CIA graduate, made his reputation at establishments from New York’s Oyster Bar to Lorena’s in Maplewood and Restaurant K at Orange Lawn Tennis Club in South Orange.

Pickett’s was in the works last summer when Jim Pickett suddenly passed away at the age of 53. His wife Heidi and friends have carried on to realize Jim’s dream.